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We help people of all ages, so your whole family can experience optimum health!

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Given careful screening, and planning an effective course of treatment, Chiropractic care can help reverse the damage by years of neglect to your most precious resource, YOUR HEALTH!


We provide gentle care for all ages, so your whole family can experience optimum health!


Chances are, if you went to a traditional medical doctor for any of the symptoms listed above, you would receive treatment in the form of prescription medication. Unfortunately, medication typically treats the symptoms instead of the cause. The harsh reality is that an individual doesn’t suffer from a headache because he/she has a deficiency of Aspirin. Likewise, an individual doesn’t suffer from depression because he/she has a deficiency of Prozac.


Chiropractic care addresses each of your symptoms from a causal perspective, systematically attacking the root cause, effectively reducing or eliminating the need for medication and its associative harmful effects.


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In the world of Chiropractic care there is one primary focus, keeping you in line, or more specifically, keeping your spine in line. Whenever one of the vertebrae in your back gets misaligned it is called subluxation.

Subluxations can wreak havoc on your entire Autoimmune System, causing a number of different seemingly unrelated dysfunctions. Every function in your body is controlled by the central nervous system housed in a complex network stretching from the brain stem at the apex of the spinal column to the base of the spine and down through the channels of the sciatic nerve.

Your heart, lungs, liver function, kidneys, pancreas, gall bladder, digestive system, reproductive organs and immune system all function automatically with the help of this amazing network of nerve endings and transmitters. If your spine is in proper alignment, as indicated in the diagram above, all of these automatic systems should function at peak performance, given proper rest, exercise, and diet.

Unfortunately, most Americans experience less than optimal system performance, resulting in less than optimal health, because they suffer from various degrees of subluxation, also indicated in the diagram above. Under these conditions, as illustrated, the spinal column gets pinched, impeding the flow of neurological responses, ultimately hampering the full function of critical systems.

You do not have to suffer.

We can help relieve the discomfort caused by a pinched or irritated nerve.

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